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It lurks in the dark
and light keeps us apart
He brings internal chaos
taking advantage of one’s flaws.

It is once a noise
Now you hear its voice
It was a mere essence
Now you felt its presence.

He is not found under your bed
Because it sleeps inside your head
Be wary for once it consumes you
You will be reincarnated evil anew.

To all lost souls
Never fill thy hole
With evil and madness
And purify yourself with kindness.

Never falter and fear
For his light will always be near
He will guide you through your darkest nights
And lead you to the glorious fight.

He may be very near
But know that you should never fear
And always remember
To never surrender.

From the red eyes that gleam
The darkness lurking within
From the evil writing
Prepare thyself for the reckoning.


By silentheart

© 2017 silentheart (All rights reserved)


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