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What is it about wishes
Those that will never know time:
Simply phantoms of the night
Never to be born to know the light?

Lovely they can be
Outside the moving of time,
Divorced of life's spirit,
Never pregnant with an unexpected moment
To blossom into joyful emotion.

What then can one do
Not wanting to be a fool
unable to taste life's spirit?

A shooting star passes through the night
An unexpected moment shedding light
And at its sight many express their wishes
Without an understanding of life's spirit.

For it is in the moving of time
That one finds life's spirit:
The spirit that gives life light
And replaces phantoms of the night.

Bernard Gieske, February 3, 2017

the moving of time, life's spirit,
unexpected moment and an understanding

By Bengieske

© 2017 Bengieske (All rights reserved)


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