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In The Beginning
A strange world before me I tried to uncover
my tiny footsteps would help me discover
stumbling ,I fell with my face in the dirt
a wavy creature slipped out of the earth!

My tiny hands tried to touch what was crawling
a strange thing bit me, then I was bawling
mom picked me up put me back on my feet
wobbling along there was no defeat

Forward I marched, again and again
flying above me I thought was a friend
around and around flying so free
a strange fuzzy thing was looking at me

With arms outstretched, my balance was bad
the fuzzy thing landed right on my head
my mouth opened wide with a horrible yell
` was that sound coming from me`, I just couln`t tell

Two seconds went by
I was ready again
where is that fuzzy thing
he is my friend

Loud sounds from my mouth ,
my friend I was calling
dead on the ground,
it was stomped , I was bawling

My friend wasn`t flying
I looked up in horror
I`ll just keep walking
it may fly tomorrow

By TagTina456

© 2017 TagTina456 (All rights reserved)


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