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The Halfling's Return

~*~ A Promise Kept ~*~

The Halfling had felt the calling, drawing her back to the garden, knowing that it meant there was news and a feeling of dread had filled her soul. Not knowing, she had come back to the place she knew happiness and safety to seek the reason for to the call her soul had felt. Arriving, at length, at the edge of the garden, she was immediately struck by the deafening silence that hung over the place usually so filled with laughter and love. After a time she began to here very hushed whispers and soft crying, by the time she reached the special corner she already knew the plant would no longer reside there. She heard the Pixie sharing the sad news so many would need to know and heard of the gathering together in memoriam of the Plant who had gathered so many in this special corner, and she knew that, as they always did, the Angel and the Gardener were watching over them all.

In the beginning of her time in the garden she had tried to stay a hidden visitor, safe in the protective shadows. It was the Plant who had taken notice of her and pulled her from the shadows on the eve of her planned departure. So many happy evenings she had spent sheltered under his warm branches sharing stories. Eventually, she had come to know others in the garden, the Pixie, the Bluebird, the Minstrel, the Butterfly, the Dove, the Hummingbird, and the Sapling, the Owl, and the Tree ~ the last three already moved by the Gardener to The Grand Garden to where the Gardener had now moved the Plant. For the Halfling, as for so many others, the Plant was the strength and wisdom that they leaned on.

She reflected back on her arrival here. This had seemed a safe place to shelter for a bit, and in return for that shelter she had tried to do small deeds to help, dusting off a leaf here, propping up a weak branch there, carrying water to a dry space if needed. Her plan had been to remain only a short time, then move on before she was noticed. She had felt safe and hidden, so much so that on what she had planned to be her final night she had dared to slip quietly into the weekly gathering. She had heard how wonderful these gatherings were and simply wanted to see one before she left. Her plan had been to stay near the edges, where she could see and hear, but hopefully not be noticed. The night had been wonderful, and while all were drawn to the gathering by a great sadness and loss they were all connected by love. She knew she had seen a beautiful magic and had felt blessed for it. She also felt it was time to go, for she feared being noticed, so she had turned to leave.

It was at that moment that the Plant had first spoken to her, called her by name. She stood on her path, poised to leave, and the Plant stood firmly centered in that path branches outstretched in welcome blocking the entire path. There were no shadows to duck back into, no place to hide. The Plant drew her to a quiet place to talk. She was so unsure she belonged in the Garden, and at length she had convinced the Plant to first get to know her before either decided she should stay. She was fair sure he had already made up his mind, but he allowed her time to decide for herself.

Now the Plant, with his wonderful humor, his gentle wisdom, and his warm love was gone. Again she wondered, but knew she had family of the heart and deep roots here now. It would take time for everyone to heal from this loss, but they would heal. Already they gathered to lean on one another. She felt in her heart the magic of the garden, still here and stronger.

Quietly the Halfling moved to the place where the Plant had stood for so long. She knew he would not be there, but still she was drawn to the last place she had seen him. Arriving at the patch of soft warm earth she lay down and cried herself to sleep. As she fell into fitful dreams the Angel spoke to the Gardener. “I know it was time, but I worry. Will she slip back into the shadows? So much has weighed on her soul these past several years, and she has seemed so close to breaking several times. The Dragon clan has felt three great losses and now the Queen of the dragon clan grows frail which weighs heavy on the heart of the dragon with whom her love resides. And the Matriarch of her own Halfling clan, while sound of body, grows more and more distant of mind often not knowing those around her. And there have been so many other losses in the clans closest to the Halfling clan.”

The Gardener smiled, “Yes, she is hurting and this is yet one more pain. She is stronger than she believes and she has a second large family here in the garden. They will all be here for one another.” He paused to look over the many inhabitants of the special corner of the garden. “They have all come so far, grown and thrived in this magical corner. Most here do not realize that this garden has always been here, and will always be here. This garden has existed from the dawn of time and has been always a place of wonderful magic to help those who pass here, and it will be here still when these days are a distant dream. All who come here will one day move to the grand garden where they will add to the magic of this special corner garden. And there will always be new ones who we will guide to this special place.” He smiled warmly at the Angel, “Would you like to see where I have moved the Plant to? Already he is stronger and thriving, surrounded by those he loves and missed that went before. He adds his magic to the magics of this garden.” The Angel nodded her yes to at the Gardener, and began to smile as he guided her to the Grand Garden to see the Plant in his new home.

©Candace February 6, 2017

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By SilverDawn

© 2017 SilverDawn (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Anything Goes Challenge with floreann_cawley (Floreann) read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Anything Goes Challenge with floreann_cawley (Floreann) read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Anything Goes Challenge with floreann_cawley (Floreann) read page for rules and info (challenge has been closed)

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