Love The Ride
To variegate ones life by the women one has known.
Achieve a sensual solace, when together you are thrown.
Options must be open, adaptation to where one be.
Transverse in any circumstance, as a sailor sails the sea.

On placid lake reflecting clear, in waters that are deep.
Rushing down white cap stream, an end that is so steep.
On a slowly rolling river, dreaming lazily of lifes' quest.
In a misty pond go drifting, contemplate what it suggests.

Adrift upon the ocean kaleidoscopically you view.
You settle now into yourself and wonder what you'll do.
Keep looking ahead, remember fine things in the past.
You look now to a becalmed sea, and of a love to last.

That is not to say you've reconciled as to who you are.
Simply put you've turned and looked, traveled oh so far.
Moonbeams dance across the waves stars no longer guide.
You still walk amongst the clouds, and you do so love the ride.

jftloi - required phrase - 'keep looking ahead'

By panther811

© 2017 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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