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That lonesome train carries me home
I ride that lonesome southbound train in the pines where the sun never shines
I will never see my home again but I will sure miss it as my old life declines
Too many times I did many people wrong, and I will pay for it at dawn
That whistle blows, and I will never know, why everything went so wrong
I love my life, I love my wife, But I will never get to see her again
They sentenced me to hang from the tree, and I miss holding her hand
The train is slowing down, guess I just will not be able to hang around
My fate is sealed by the Judges words, I was caught by the hounds
When it is all as said and done, I reckon they will send me back home
To the place where they will bury me, guess all my friends are gone
Never to see my wife or family, think maybe my fate has gone wrong
I got down on my knees, dear God, please forgive me, please
Knowing that I am unworthy for what I have done, Lord, forgive me
Lord, please forgive me

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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