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Far From Home
~ Far From Home ~

Sometimes it feels like you are far from home
You often find your mind is not your own
Look through an angry sky to make you whole
You have to be able to search your soul
Sometimes you have to gear up for the fight
A black star shines in a cold, bitter night

You feel all alone and without a friend
But there’s always someone there to the end
Feelings uncertain emotions release
Through storms to come you are searching for peace
This world doesn’t feel like a place to be
The river runs to a ruby, red sea

The pessimism it should be sold on
When you think you really can’t hold on
So change your thoughts to turn your heart around
If it’s not as easy done as it may sound
There is no reason to feel like dying
An unquiet mind is always lying

Photograph by Colin MacDonald “Harper & Seamus – Brother Labs”

Included in Multi-Phrase with Myrna D Challenge

An Angry Sky – Storms To Come – Searching For Peace – Uncertain Emotions

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Music by Vangelis ”Cosmos”

By ColinMacDonald

© 2017 ColinMacDonald (All rights reserved)


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