Down My Face
Gray gusts of wind toss gently asunder.
Silken strands woven reveal now this wonder.
Long carefully kept deep memories lost.
Face to face now we must pay what they cost.

I was so reckless in the life I was living.
You my sweet darling you're just unforgiving.
We look, we love, and we care we feel.
We know what we'll share know what's real.

If I could retrace, go back, and live life over.
Know in you heart, second time be no rover.
Life passes so quickly and it is all for a song.
It was all oh so perfect and I did it all wrong.

Then in one instant our eyes welled with tears.
We both knew our love had lasted these years.
I think probably not that we two will be one.
Just say so my love, count me in for the run.

There's strength left within me tap on the keys.
I just can't see clearly down here on my knees.
I would continue with verses pleading my case.
However it seems the rain's run down my face.

By panther811

© 2017 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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