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Flying through dimensions
My heart sinks into the perfect lull
A sober thought
Slips into intoxicating emotions
Handle with care, a radiant smile
Collecting wheels of objections
Melted lips weep and mull
In between found and caught
Mixing love and sensual potions
Kissing fingers, swimming freestyle

Magic carpets and stolen memories
Adorn the night sky like sparkling diamonds
Fairy tales and hungry hearts
Vibrate with anticipation
Resistant dreams push through columns of fears
A thousand love songs and two love stories
Meet under magenta horizons
Our life written whole, lived in parts
Colourful chapters, whispered in translation
Inking my skin and wiping away tattooed tears

Tomorrow wrapped in todayís arms
Kept warm by the birthing moonlight
Forgotten promises buried under these stars
Shallow streams of lust, lost in a sea of love at last
Drowning smiles in a sky full of frozen faces
Love me, let me dance in your palms
Awaken melodies, spun at half past midnight
Drifting in between sleep and chasing cars
If you desire the world, donít wish, just ask
Gazing through your soul, my heart races

With Love,

By lotusmoon

© 2017 lotusmoon (All rights reserved)


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