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Me an' pa set out one day,
To take a little ride.
We liked to saunter side by each,
And pass the day in stride.

Not many daughters have a Dad
That's quite as good as mine!
He worked his fingers to the bone,
To make my life just fine.

One day when me an' Ma came home
From visitin' the church,
He'd bought a pony just for me!
No that birch!

I named her Belle...I don't know why,
She really was a gem!
And she was somethin' to behold...
Pure white from head to shin.

I miss those days of simple joys...
Today it's not the same.
Seems people fight and spat and sue
Their a game!

We can't go back, yes that is true
But I wish it could be.
The way it was when me an' Dad
Were happy as could be!

A true story dedicated to my sweet Dad...
Clarence Otis Farabee!

By MissSharon

© 2017 MissSharon (All rights reserved)


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