Get Rid Of The Advertisements

Purpose...When said to one's self the message seems clear,
Without it little cause, what's the use being here,
Think for a moment, not to get preachy and such,
but you need a reason to rise, one to get up,
Maybe the simplest of things is called to be done,
One easily taken care of when the time comes,
Instant gratification, a pat on the back,
gives one a jolly good feeling and this and that,
Others may take a lifetime to finish the task,
You're in it for the long run with no questions asked,
Seen not as a chore, more as a labor of love,
Always in the forefront, there's no need to discuss,
Life's fed by the goals giving ambition to live,
Sacrifices to be made by one willing to give.

John E. Bilek
All rights reserved.

By Fargo Williams

© 2017 Fargo Williams (All rights reserved)


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