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Two lady cops stood there
When I opened my door.
Neither looked familiar
To police I'd met before.

‘Where were you at two on Thursday?’
One quizzed me right away.
I asked if they meant Thursday night
Or during the day.

It appeared, my question,
They did not appreciate.
Both then pushed me inside
With practiced looks of hate.

‘In the daytime, I was with Joe.
Two at night I was asleep.’
One asked for Joe’s last name.
The other didn’t let a peep.

‘He’s at that old cemetery
On the outskirts of town.
Joe is no longer with us.
He is six feet underground.’

‘Last name is what I asked for.
He must come testify.’
If joe could not vouch for me,
There was a good chance I’d fry.

Both seemed to miss my point
Regarding my visit with Joe.
What was I being charged with,
I demanded to know.

Their smile was no longer hid.
But, it was me the laugh was on.
A dozen cheering friends appeared,
And the uniforms were gone.

By The_Pip

© 2017 The_Pip (All rights reserved)


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