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The Mighty Words

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I am a word, the word that came from God, careful how you use me.
The creation spoke through ages with so much wisdom, and till today
I am alive and live among you, I am not afraid of anyone, and you know
that I live in the old book which contains so much wisdom and truth.

I am the word that you read in all kinds of poems, novels, books.
I keep your attention by presenting various pictures with such
creative writers mind, meditating how beautiful these words are.
Amazing as they are, entertaining by those images in a mind eye.

I live in and thrive in poems, any of those that amaze, like Sonnets,
Acrostic, Freestyle, Prose, Short Stories, finding ways traveling to places,
foreign lands, seeing Pyramids of Egypt, the Golden Temple in Jerusalem.
Eiffel tower in Paris, the beauty of London and its architectural sites.

I am the powerful word that can heal also can kill with a sharp tongue.
I am able to please by imagination filled with love, or I can be cruel,
creating devastation like a bomb, these words, powerful tools, often times
in a pleasant manner exposing the truth, using medias modern gadgets anew.

I am the one with such strength, I, the mighty word, throughout Century
these words, those taught by scholars, storytellers, teachers from abroad.
So listen, you, yes you, the one that uses me every day creating art in words.
I am the one with such a strength that breaks a mortar slashing like swords.


By Zuzanna Musial

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By Zuzanna

© 2018 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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