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Big Dave
Our crew reported for work 23:45 hours, sometime 1963
Evening crew just sat there staring at us, I asked why are you guys still here
Normally we hit the door and they knock us down on the way out
They replied well until someone goes to the Airmans club to get BIG Dave out
My response was what is going on with Dave, well their response was this
Dave threatened to throw the Sargent through the front door, not like Dave
I asked for the keys to the truck and headed for the door, my Sargent asked me
Who do you want to take with you, I said this one is on me, I will go alone
Talked to the Sargent, I go over to the bar and take my Air Police hat off and sit down
I asked Dave what the problem was, he said he wanted to finish his drink
I said Dave finish it but then we walk out of here either nice and easy or otherwise
I drove Dave to the barracks and gave him some advice, he should look for the
Sargent next day and apologize to him or the Sargent could charge him and
we would have to arrest him and have no choice but to put him in the brig
Dave found me next day and was no thankful I was the one who came for him
Dave had a bad reputation, bulliesh and big, but I reminded I had a pistol on my
hip and a night stick neither one I chose to use, so Dave remembered what I did for
him and was so thankful, Even the tough can become meak and appreciative
Thanks to God it went well and I came home from the Air Force a better person

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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