Your Legacy
Your Legacy
(dedicated to my grandmother Clarisse Dupre)

sun and moon collide
rain soothes and shadows sorrow
and time, it moves on

I shall always remember the legacy you left for me, Mamere. You taught me life was meant to be lived and that my blindness meant nothing unless I let it. You and I had an unusual way of communicating. I spoke English but understood French. You spoke French but understood English. Oh, the looks we would get at times! You would just laugh and continue with our talk. You brought me into the world, the last baby you ever delivered, and a bond grew between us because of that. No, I will never forget that even though arthritis made walking a struggle, you never missed church and you always helped with housework. Yes, you left a legacy of determination and courage. I remember too that you asked to see me before you passed away. You had a special message to give me. I often find myself thinking of you and smiling for I cannot let sorrow blur my vision of you. You would never allow that. You are my grandmother, my mamere, my inspiration... and that will never change. You challenged me and you guided me... but most of all, you simply loved me.

Mamere is the Cajun French word for grandmother.

written for the All Stars challenge
host: Pam (whispermon)
phrase: I shall always remember

By Myrna D.

© 2017 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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