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What is a Woman?
A woman is a little girl grown up!
A Goddess!
The caregiver of the family
The woman is gentle and soft
Her mind sees much the man misses
The important things to her are Love
Security for her family and self,truth,
trust, faith, neatness in all things, an
orderly life with few surprises...
She likes to plan ahead, loves to laugh
To share her feelings with good friends
Most of all she wants to be free,
free to make her own decisions in life
To have a partner who respects her
decisions and shares those feelings
Co-operation is the way of a Woman
She respects the sensible decisions
of others, though many times lives
with poor decisions made by others
A WOMAN is the Beauty of this world

By Ompapa

© 2017 Ompapa (All rights reserved)


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