Would anybody read it
Or would anybody care
I am certainly not famous
And canít claim.. debonair

Would they really want to know
I was born in 1942
In the East End of London
I donít really think soÖ do you?

Would they find it interesting
It was in the middle of the War
When food was all on ration
And most folks were poor

Would they spend their money
To read of aeroplanes flying in the air
And how we hid for cover
As bombs dropped everywhere

Would they care that in spite of this
My childhood was the best
God sent to me the perfect parents
Who I felt sure were better than the rest

Would they want to read about
How much that I loved school
Of all the brilliant friends I made
And how we sometimes we played the fool

I could go on forever
About what they wouldnít want to know
So Iíll put away my notebook
Or shall I have another go

Well I donít think I can write it now
I would find it too much strife
I don't know when but feel for sure
'one day I'm gonna write, the story of my life'

For ColinMacdonalds, Write me a Song challengeÖ.
'one day I'm gonna write, the story of my life'

By hollydar

© 2018 hollydar (All rights reserved)


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