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Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
Sittiin' in a bar room in a dusty old ghost town
Rumors of this cowboy's life was spreading all around

Ladies marveled at his sight, they worshipped at his feet
To clean the dust off of his shoes ,to them was just a treat

He made his money challenging and winning every game
This rootin' tootin' cowboy was here to stake his claim

Sitting with his fist held tight and one hand on his gun
The challenge had been answered,he knew what must be done

As sweat was falling from his brow he stared his var-met down
Winning came so easily,he was the best around

They wrestled for an hour long and neither would give in
This rootin' tootin' cowboy knew what to do to win

Spectators gather in the room with space to barely stand
to witness this tough dueling match and see the winning hand

Both men had tossed and twisted so,'til one of them yelled,'Stop!'
This rootin' tootin' cowboy had made the rascal drop

He got up slow, stood to his feet and yelled,'It's time to ride!'
Then pushed his way right through the crowd and made his way outside

He saddled up his horse then rode into the setting sun
While riding far away from town he knew his work was done

He's recognized a hero for he's in the hall of fame
This rootin' tootin' cowboy, thumb wrestling was his game

By George Langley

© 2017 George Langley (All rights reserved)


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