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It was a beautiful day as mother and I
Strolled through the blue bell wood,
We just stood to admire the eloquence of it all.
This nature that can bring so much reward,
The creation, utter elation, the colours
So brilliant so refreshing to view.
As we walked it was absolutely magical
The joy, the atmosphere filled up the senses,
As butterflies fluttered on a path of warm air.
It was the most exhilarating experience,
It brought us such happiness
As if we had stepped into a picture.
But this was no illusion or fantasy
My friends, this was reality, so special.
A picture so amazing, and as the sun
Filtered through the trees,
I took a deep breath of fresh air,
And almost came to weeping
At all the rainbow colours
And life in this wood.
Mother had stopped to pick wild flowers
It was a day I always will remember,
I had never seen her so happy,
She was like a child in a sweet shop.
Her moods wore many colours
Likened to spring flowers,
This special day was cheerful
Allowing her heart to sing.
The love in blue bell wood
Was something to behold,
All of nature's beauty
Smells sights and sounds.
Like the beautiful flowers
We are born with life and radiance,
Like the flowers we live and die.
This beautiful scene will always
Remain in my heart.
God bless you mum
For this beautiful memory
Love and miss you

By listener

© 2017 listener (All rights reserved)


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