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A total jerk
While working the gates for passenger boarding
Maintenance said we may not be leaving that day
Then came the second time I announced the delay
Third time though I announced for all to rebook
One huge man came up to me with a bad look
I advised him again to rebook at the ticket counter
I finished my paperwork, ran to work another flight
This flight left and I rushed again to gate fourteen
Flight was diverted to Charlotte to take some aboard
This man came in and had not rebooked at all
I handed him his ticket and told we were over full
He jumped into the air slamming into my counter
He knocked four or five passengers aside going out
I finished my paperwork, was walking down the hall
I see my boss coming, smoke coming out of his ears
He said what the hell did you do to that man, huh
I said what man is it are you talking about, I'm lost
That tall huge man knocked my desk down around me
I explained exactly what transpired, and he said
You did exactly what you were supposed to do
Never found out how he left Charlotte, Indeed
I learned to treat everyone the same, name of game
Never lose your cool, treat with respect, no neglect

Word Painting Challenge

with Tom

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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