Without a Care
Just as a single bloom on soft breeze your scent does ride.
Dancing beneath the sun you are alluring, so to you I glide.
Casting out a silken net, enmeshed with what I be.
Words dripping sweet honeycomb, draw you to me.

Swaying in the breeze, shaking where you stand.
Velvet rolling mist engulf, I take you by the hand.
But now your eyes gone limpid, into them I flow.
Memory of the past the thought in me you know.

The winds of change roar thunder, heralding a storm.
Ethereal as a web of dreams, now change transform.
Utterances whispered deep in chambers of the mind.
This the primal force in life will lead where it will find.

Has been but just a moment, the twinkling of a star.
Yet we have shared eternity it seems not so bizarre.
Lightning strike illuminate, it's the touching we share.
Hearts, souls, minds and goals, attain without a care.

By panther811

© 2017 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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