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My God is my light
The light of almighty God is the supreme being and the light of my life
Other than God, my wife is my light each day with not a hint of strife
God is in control and he frees each and every soul that they behold
Without our God there would be no hope, our actions he controls
His majesty, His radiance, His essence, His understanding, His grace
He gives us the power, the wonder of his glory, someday see his face
Without his love from above, we would be a sorry lot, his love embrace
I awaken to his holy light, it opens my eyes each and every step I take
As God loves me, He loves you, too, leads us to be a beacon of light
Though we try alone, He continues to share our joy, shining so bright
He gives us hope, love, enduring grace, to finish up our earthly race
Amazing grace, consuming joy, enduring love, finishing with grace
My prayer will be that we all be set free, and live for him evermore
I love him so, He guides our way, lights our paths, to Heavens door

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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