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You don't have to
You don't have to love me
But I love you
You don't have to value me as I do
But I will even if you don't
You don't have to sail with me
But I will journey with you in my mind
You don't have to defend me
But I will always fight for you

Some say I have lost my mind
Or at least its no more active
Or I have rebelled against myself

Some asked if this is truly love
Or a height of stupidity immeasurable
Or a delusion of mind blurred focus

Wait a minute
What else can I say?
I am true to myself
And ready to take the risk
I will do anything for you

My love for you is beyond you
Its the true love unconditional
Its the definition of myself
A prototype of my ancient creator

I won't stop expressing my inner beauty
Till the divided veil expose your love response
then shall we together build the world unimaginable

You really don't have to
But I have to!

By proffjoshua

© 2017 proffjoshua (All rights reserved)


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