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Tribute to Pete(Alwaysmywords).

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Dear Pete, thank you for the lovely words
that you humbly shared with us
in the Starlite poetry site.
The memory of you live in your words
they are heard in the wind in the coming spring.
You are not forgotten…your memory lives.

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Your kindness shows in your words and replies
now I am treasuring the time that you spent writing
and sharing them with poets-friends alike.
Those poems were always a joy to read.
Some so happy, and some of life interesting deeds.
Many of your words were filled with depth and thoughts
which softly touched those hearts from abroad.

Thank you for the poem… the one you gave permission to record online:
''From a Crumbling Poet’s Pen'' – by Alwaysmywords.

Your life was filled with many adventures, as a sailor man,
and a great husband to his loving wife.
I know deep in my heart that you fought so hard to be alive.
God called you now and there is lots of sadness around.
Heaven gained an Angel and for that...I am thankful the Master above.
This poem is for you Pete, a humble Tribute to a fellow poet-friend.
I miss your words those often echoing in my heart,
you are alive through your poems on this site.
Now the Angels singing for you a sweet lullaby.
And while you are resting on their wings,
here at Starlite, you are dearly missed!

Rest in Peace.Amen

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You are Missed but Not Forgotten.

By Zuzanna

© 2018 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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