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God is light

When i was young, age 9, my dad died
He was my hero, the light of my life.
Everything surrounded around him

After he passed, i felt so alone
I felt empty inside, we were so close
My light had gone out, he being my rock

I then needed someone to take his place
now realized that God was my real father
he took his place

I learned that parents can leave at any moment
but God would always be, when i was grown up
watching over me.

God was the light of my life
He healed my wounds, loved me
gave me Joy and Peace as i grew

Showed me the way to go
when uncertainly, tossed me
so many different ways

I knew i could count on him to direct
my path.
so i would not sway the wrong way.'

His love would forever last.

Who is the love of your life
with Deeny

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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