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I'm listening to songs of Spring...
Her drizzle starts the day.
She pitter patters as she splatters
Doodly on her way.

The windows' sill lies ever wet
Be-perched in every room,
And by the looks of darkened skies,
She won't leave sometime soon!

The chickadees and grey-fluffed squirrels
Are eating what I've sent.
Their weary looks and chirpless voice
Bespeaks that they are spent!

But in their heart they know that they
Are lucky to be here.
And when the skies begin to clear
I hear their grateful prayer...

''Dear Lord we thank Thee for this food
That suddenly appears...
Each morning sweet-dropped dew
That stimies all our fears! A m e n.''

Just For The Love Of It PHRASE Challenge
Challenge phrase: 'listening to songs of Spring'
Phrase in use: I'm listening to songs of Spring

By MissSharon

© 2018 MissSharon (All rights reserved)


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