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My Easter Story.

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God had a plan for his children.
He quickly saw that many of them being lost,
that is why he sends his only son Jesus in human flesh
to help God's children straighten their life.
That is the beginning of the story
what the Bible teaches … Soon, when Jesus
become an adult he helped people
cured sick and a blind man gave sight.
He was a Master in knowledge… he was a Son of God.

He also chased Demons from some as well.
When the Pharisees recognized his doing
and his teaching, they did not like Him so they went to
the Roman rulers complaining about the son of a carpenter
that he is not a Messiah that they expected.
Soon he was sent to death on the cross.
The people shouted... crucified him!
And the God's plan was fulfilled.
He promised this to his people.
His only Son washed our sins with his
holy blood dying on the cross for all of us.

That is the ‘Easter Story’ in my mind.
Thank you, Jesus, that you humbly came to my heart.
I love you Jesus with all my will and all my might.
Lesser tears fall because I know, you love me.
Thank you, O' mighty King, for everything.


March - 2017
By Zuzanna Musial

Host: poetalthomas
Easter is a day like any day.

Give Me Your Tears
Video Copyright Jan Stefher
Collaboration with Steve Politte.

By Zuzanna

© 2018 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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