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Do you think...
Do you think that I will forget you?
Move into the past and fading
Like some sunset glowing which glows brightly
Then fades becoming dim and grey
Black as night

Do you think I would forget what we share?
A bond as strong as the ocean waters
Connected to each other
Though miles apart
Touching… caressing in the waves
Rocking back and forth and smiling
At our memories and our present love

Do you think I will forget your naked body?
Enticing, firm and supple in the sunlight…
Your smile as you first shared your beauty with me,
The warmth of your body tight against me,
The softness of your breasts and the promise they held…

Do you think I would forget you?
No, that is not possible, for you and I are joined
We always will be…

Though the sun and moon dance in the heavens
Chasing one another through eternity
We are, and always will be joined!
Each breath I take reminds me of you…
You dance across my thoughts…
You inhabit my dreams in an alternate reality
Where we live as one.

No, I will not forget you!
Nor will I allow you to fade into the past.
Feel my love, and I am there…..

By BramptonMC

© 2018 BramptonMC (All rights reserved)


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