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What Are We?

Are we human?
A random formation of liqiuds minerals and bone
Encased in a flask of skin that is the human form
Or Gods Children?
A lost congregation of hypocritical nepotists
Deluded by ideoligies of infinite grandure
I say neither!
We are! What we are
We come from nothing and spend a lifetime to amount to something
Only to return to nothing
I say you!
Far be it for me to judge whats in another mans plate
Individual sacrifices is what makes an ordinary man great
But hear this!
At the end of it all when your chips are all played and your last flight has flown
All thats left is the memory of the legacy you leave behind
Because whether you etch your name in history or simply fade away
We are all just grains passing through the sands of time
So live everyday to the fullest because no one knows if they'll see tomorrow

By silent_art

© 2017 silent_art (All rights reserved)


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