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Do not cry over spilled ink, overcome
When ink is spilled on an empty page, true thoughts win out, so said the sage
A cryptic word of love so oft rings true, forever love continues softly imbued
Thinking about those words so lost, a puddle of ink seems to have a great cost
So , take your pen, and pick up that ink, in spite of what you may now think
In hopes of using it to get to the finish, pleading that our poem be not diminished
So use sweet words, to reach out, now, enriching words that soothe and endow
In silence think, deeper in thought, give rousing finish, true words so wrought
If words fail to proclaim the cure, the gift of love will surely constrain the impure
So if and when your endurance strong, prepare with God wherewith you belong
Account for each and every spill you see, with love for others justly to accede
In strength assured, keep up the prayers, uplifting to God to share the cares
His encumbered love, provided for you, for he sent his only Son to die for you
When ink is spilled on an empty page, the story told of his amazing grace

Simplicity challenge

When ink is spilled /on an empty page/ the story told

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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