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The Beast In Me
Feeling kinda hungry I was lookin' for a snack
I looked on top the kitchen shelf and found it way in back
A bag of chips sat idle and almost out of view
With eager hands I grabbed the bag that I had just accrue
I struggled with it for awhile,it was getting rough
The plastic would not tear at all, it was really tough
The beast in me began to show, my face was turning red
Determination was my goal ,to eat before I'm dead
I finally got it open with my jaw and with my teeth
I sat down in my easy chair preparing for my treat
Some chip dip would taste mighty fine, the thought was kinda nice
I ran into the kitchen fast, not even thinking twice
I sat down in my chair again, my chips and dip in hand
I'm feeling good and hungry now, a very happy man
But the beast came roaring out once more, and I know why it did
It seemed they sealed the chip dip good by welding tight the lid.

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By George Langley

© 2017 George Langley (All rights reserved)


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