As I take cover from the firing guns
Running undercover of a helicopter blade
I pray this war will be over very soon
Then Ill return to you and the vows that we made

As I lie in this wilderness so far from home
My only solace in the darkness is my picture of you
I see you by the light of the kerosene light
Remembering us and the love we once knew

As the rhythm of my heart beats like a drum
Loudly I am praying that soon I will be
Far from this place and sailing across the Ocean
Back to my homeland the land of the free

If I can make it back to you in your thin blue jeans
We will run through the alley near the place we call home
The words that I love you will roll off my tongue
I will make a promise that never more will I roam

But for now I lay here with guns all around
And the rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum
I look to the sky and pray it soon will end
I promise myself to this war I wont succumb

For ღ The Gold Pen Ghost ღ Write this song challenge...The Rythm of my Heart

By hollydar

© 2018 hollydar (All rights reserved)


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