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Ready Or Not
The passions within time are so deep
They are embedded with all the
Twists and turns of yesterdays...
In the last tear you cried
The heartbreak denied as you took
That next step into a softer place to
Nuggle...a place away from broken
Promises, little white lies and that
Lover who went away through
Death's door.

The passions of time, jumbled in your
Perhaps it was not as bad as you remember
Or is it simply that you have chosen to
Forget for the sake of your own sanity.
'Step up to the plate of life!' they shout...
The they, those who believe they have
All of the answers and
Of course they do, as it is not their problem.

Another cup of coffee
Will take care of all of this mixed up emotion
The problem is, I don't even like coffee!


By Cynthiaapwlts

© 2017 Cynthiaapwlts (All rights reserved)


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