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Happy Mother`s Day In Heaven
Mother`s day
Happy Mother`s day to my mom in Heaven above
I send her thousands of kisses and all my love

I never knew how lonely it could be without you
Now I find myself always bragging about you

I wish I would have let you know how much I care
I don`t know why God took you,It dos`nt seem fair
You were eighty three,You seemed to be doing O.K.
You had throat caner,But the doctor said no way

Would the cancer take your life,He said it was small
And you would do radiation,that would be all

Then you ended up in the hospital with back pain
You passed away and my tears fell like the rain

Mother`s day , I think of you and wish you were still here
I have missed you so much,and have cried tear after tear

You were a wonderful mother and I`ll never forget you
I am so thankful for you and all the things you would do

I know I was blessed the day God picked you for my mother
And even if I had a choice I would`nt have chosen another

Thank you mom for all you have done and for your love
You are a beautiful angel now,watching over me from above

I`d also like to thank Jesus to,For blessing my life with you
I love you and I wish you a happy mother`s day too

May all your days be beautiful,Just the way you are
I`ll see you again I know,When I get that call.

I love you and miss you

By Libra

© 2017 Libra (All rights reserved)


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