Get Rid Of The Advertisements

In a time of unemployment
And decling moral attitudes,
When the politicians tell us we can't lose,
When a country has got together
To develop such a force,
It won't matter whether we're rich or poor of course.
We'll only have to worry about the sick and the dying
All the children and people walking the streets crying.
Such devastation and disease, annihilation that's the word.
The sheer comprehension doesn't ring true,
Same as anything until it happens to you.
Then one day of course too late.
People will say we didn't think they meant it,
We thought it was a bluff,
But when you're dealing nuclear bombs,
You don't mess around with that stuff.
Our ancestors have fought for the things that they thought
Were a future creation and dream,
Not a bomb to destroy everything.
So let's make a move for the good of mankind,
In a world that was given for all nations to be at one logical line,
To get rid of all nuclear bombs and have peace in our time.
To enjoy things god has given, precious air that is breathed,
All the things we take for granted and receive.
The Lord God gave us all the power to succeed.
To go forward in hope and glory,
So let's hope and pray for an end to it all
And a peaceful story.

By listener

© 2017 listener (All rights reserved)


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