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Drowning in loneliness
Drowning in loneliness, hoping for much needed company
never happens, so pitiful, as she now sees the sun go down.
life wasn't what she imagined as she grew older
her hopes shattered as she looked around

wasn't suppose to be this way, on such beautiful days.

with clouded eyes, vision not the best, she puts her dressing gown on
she weeps, not her family, or friends to criticize
hoping maybe tomorrow will unveil a new beginning
as she turns the page to a new day, anticipating a hopeful surprise

each day being fragile, counting each hour, knowing it will never return.
she prays, ' could you send someone tomorrow dear lord '
you know my loneliness, you see me sit here all day alone.
knitting scarfs, gloves, and more, but harder now my fingers so worn.

drowning in sorrow, as she watches the world go by
life was good, when she could serve others, but
now she hopes to see the other side.

Where love is bountiful, Joy and peace abound.
never lonely again, knowing soon she will be heaven bound.

no, life isn't fair, but God has a plan
if she stays alone, God will be there with her
prayer is the implement, where we reach God
in any situation, he will sustain us.

till he gently takes us home

Just like the lady drowning in loneliness
We will find peace, knowing God will
never leave us.

(so many lonely people, that need to know that God is always with them )

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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