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What's making you think
I don't understand you,
When you take my life
And tell me we're through.
No I don't understand
You're like another person,
I've given you all my love
And yes, I'm sick of your cursing.
And yet I forgive your lust
Even though I suffer the pain,
Of knowing your damn secrets
My heart hurts and is full of rain.
I don't understand it
All your promises are null and void,
That come from your sick mind
You must have read sex books by Fraud.
You lie and lie as if it's some sort of game
To hurt and frustrate my soul,
You haven't got an ounce of feeling
Except to torture me and achieve your goal.
The evil in you will never be forgiven
Your soul will be damned to hell,
How anyone could be so heartless
To another human being
Without an ounce of love, you never can tell.

By listener

© 2017 listener (All rights reserved)


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