Get Rid Of The Advertisements

Opening the bag oh so gently
Aroma escaping real fast
If my wife finds that I've had Frito's
They simply never will last.

I'm poppin' them in while I'm eating
With caution I'm chewing them slow
She's in the bedroom where's she's sleeping
I'm hoping that she doesn't know

The bag is half empty and folded
I stored them and placed them so neat
I'll tip toe to bed still quite hopeful
She won't have a clue I did cheat

I make it to bed and I'm breathing
a sigh of relief, scared to death
She opens her eyes, stares right at me
Says,why do I smell corn chip breath?

Pretending to sleep I turn over
My back to her puts me at ease
but the air on my neck gives me warning
I'm certain she's glarin' at me

She smacks me and tells me to get up
She's angry and knows I'm awake
I get up and find where I'm laying
had smashed what was left of her cake

By George Langley

© 2017 George Langley (All rights reserved)


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