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The Metamorphosis...

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I do not say Goodbye...only Hello, taking
a short break for few days, and when I am gone,
my thoughts are with you, hopefully, I'll be away
for a limited time, and soonest possible be back.

In coming days healing of my body takes place
and than I return soon to the Starlitecafe.
There is no better joy than reading your words,
enjoying such wonders of a pen from many Poets.

As always, I am getting anxious to see a new write
those poems taking me away from a reality in life.
It is good to be a reader and a writer too
because thy mind loves being busy, it's true.

Poems, stories, written in beauty and styles
them, flowing gently like a ship on the blue sea,
some take me away to unknown places.
There often prayers, whispers, and dreams.

Wishing you happiness, love, from family and friends,
and creativity, as a new day begins, may the Light
be with you, because, all of you deserve the best,
this my humble wish for every Poet and Poetess.


Video Copyright: Lucas Thanos ~ Metamorphosis

By Zuzanna Musial

By Zuzanna

© 2018 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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