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No Carbon Copy
God's Word says we were beautifully
and wonderfully made
With individual characteristices like none other
We are made in God's Image
Not of physical traits
But a living soul or spirt if you will
Meant to commune with Him spirit to spirit.

How wonderful to have so many variations of man
For example just look at your hand
Size and shape with stubby fingers
Or slender and graceful
Yet strong and gentle to the touch
But when balled into a fist
What pain it delivers with a hit.

When born so tiny and small
One never knows what stature will emerge
Short and squat or slender and tall
The size and shape of the ears
So sounds of the birds we can hear.
The color of our eyes from which we shed tears
With vision to see far and near.

Male or female He made us one or the other
At birth we need care from father and mother
Not only for food to help us grow strong
But teach us what we need to know
So with others we can get along
And how to know of and serve God above
With faithful obedience and tender love.

If we take time to observe one another
We come to know that we are one of a kind
Made special by God's design
With variations of ability and skill
According to His devine Will
So though we are similiar in many ways
God has no carbon copy of you or me.
~Jane Ward Smith

By jws

© 2017 jws (All rights reserved)


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