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I remember how peaceful the fields were,
Yes, remember for I was there.
I remember the day peace was shattered,
There were bodies everywhere.
As we dug the trenches across the fields,
It was but a moment too late.
AS ten of my mates lay dead next to me,
I was filled wiith torment grief and hate.
They were only young, eighteen not more,
After I had been in the trench a month,
I couldn't understand what this WAR was for.
Defence of your own country,
Fighting for King and crown,
We didn't have a chance, once we'd crossed the mound.
There was blood and guts all over, screaming all around.
To have witnessed such atrocity does pain me to recall,
To witness such pain on faces that I had never seen before.
To run over bodies your mates for goodness sake,
Was enough to break a man in two, make no mistake.
The suffering and the torture, the craziness of the human mind,
Was just beyond all reason,
It wasn't a war that was justified, it was blind.
Insanity of leaders who played with human souls,
To satisfy their thirst, to fulfil their sadistic roles.
The fields of men's insanity has now returned to peace,
Although in the minds of many, that insanity will never cease.
They gave their lives so you could be free,
In peace and comfort in remembrance of the day,
When men of courage gave their lives for you
On those poppy fields far away. God bless them all.

By listener

© 2017 listener (All rights reserved)


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