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As I draw the curtains
And shadows rule the night,
Strange faces rule my dreams
Some are a curious sight.

Curious in the sense
Of never seeing them before,
What right have they I ASK?
To intrude and what for.

To intervene in my dreams
This question is a battle itself,
We all have dreams I know
But this is my sleep, my health.

They have no right to intrude
They don't speak as such,
They appear out of nowhere
And tell me not to worry too much.

They want to make my hair more grey
I know they're an illusion of mind,
But I can't get back to slleep
I just can't relax or unwind.

It's got to the point where I pop a pill
But I still don't get a good nights sleep,
I know this all sounds rather odd and silly
But I'm fed up keep counting sheep.

I suppose the solution to the matter is
To ignore the shadows and they'll go away,
But what if they come back the next night
They might get under the bedclothes and stay.

By listener

© 2017 listener (All rights reserved)


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