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That crazy bird
That crazy bird outside my window pane must be plain insane
It flies here, it flies there, then it tries to get that bird in pain
It attacks full force, pecking away at the reflections it sees
I put a plastic owl outside, but it ignored it, trying to seize
It tried to attack the owl, but it only made it that much worse
This little bird, a Cardinal, female, must have found that curse
The male Cardinal tried so to get that female to leave it alone
The more she tried, the more frustrated that bird be condoned
Finally she stopped but then go again, simply my plea refused
I think she finally accepted there was nothing she could do
She thinks she owns that space at the bird feeder, not true
A titmouse and family, purple finch, 5 children, all need feed
Even a Rose breasted Grosbeak, stopped by briefly just to eat
And then it was as suddenly as it came, gone with the wind
Doves. cowbirds, wrens, hummingbird, and her children
The butterflies a flutter, lightening bugs, beginning to rise
But the only one to attack the window was the Cardinal
She does it every year, takes her a while to understand
Not too much we can do for her, giving to her a reprimand
All of them are welcome, most will be gone by summers end
Be glad to see them ere winter weather completely ends

Simplicity SFTBI challenge

Phrase That/ crazy bird/ outside my window pane

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Simplicity SFITB Challenge with mariannajo(Marianna) read page for rules and REQUIRED PHRASE (challenge has been closed)

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