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Just smile all the while
Once more, my wife has had problems with her lift chair
Amazing how little these companies care none at all
Never have sent they same repairman to do the repairs
It seems to be the same delays over and over each time
I know that I could do them simply because I really care
It seems apparent that they delay and then delay more
Big business seems to run amuck, uncaring as can be
This company reacts very slowly to their customers needs
We have bought two lift chairs from them, both need repair
Roughly two years, broke down, motors shot, runaround
The old one would not lift my wife up at all, repaired twice
It will lift me up, but not completely, my wife not at all
Mind you, I have been there, my job to resolve issues
We sold a service, to get people to where they are going
If we had a problem, to take care of it then and there
I caught an earful many times, but then I truly cared
Biggest problem , Army Colonel, rude, and brash as ell
One agent replied to him in an inappropriate manner
Guess who had to apologize to the Colonel, both of us
For some reason I was as guilty as he was, he was upset
It simply comes with the territory, I told T-roy to grow up
In hopes the lift company will respond quickly with repairs
Just taking my frustrations out on my poetry equations
Just so dad gummed mad I could eat me some raisins

Word painting challenge

with Hollydar

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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