We Three, The Twins and Me

When we three were little kids
we always had such good fun
like catching fireflies in a jar
when dusk had finally come

On those real hot summer days
Dad would hang a hose in a tree
We'd get our bathing suits on
( then he'd turn the water on )
We'd laugh and squeal with glee

We'd play a lot of yard games too
with the other neighborhood kids
Mother May I, Swing the Statue
and Red Rover, yep, we sure did

No video games, only simple things
splashing barefoot in rain puddles
listen to the radio, dance and sing
loved to love on our dog, Snuggles
( sorry Trixie, changed your name for literary reasons )

One thing we did that wasn't too bright
run in the fog behind mosquito trucks
Today our brains don't function too right
hopefully it's just our age, wish us luck!

Still, all in all, we had such a ball
good clean fun playing in the sun
Oh then in the fall, I seem to recall
each would carve our own pumpkin

I miss us being those three little kids
we had fun, yep, we sure did!

( the 'we three' consists of my sister and brother,
twins Mary and Larry and then myself, of course )


The Just For The Love Of It Challenge

By Adele Kaye

© 2017 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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