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HYPNOPOMPIC (Word of the Day)
acrostic (READ CAPITALS)

Hypnopompic is the world in between when
mYsteries spawn bewilderment out of floating dreams
.apPearences as yet evasive scenes unforeseen
.hypNotic are the momentary visions of night dispelled
.hollOw the images and thoughts smudged in fleeting shadowdry
.....interPretations the illusive expertise of divining pieces immersed
in wizardry
..intercOnnected these migratory impulses of the subconscious mind spuMes untamed springing up along foreign coastal lines
.....Such periPheral creatures never fated to be cobwebbed by inner eyes
.......needs desIres and wishes all mingled knowing no exodus
...........a chaotic Creation dreamed up best to be blotted out by forgetfulness

- Bernard Gieske, January 23, 2013

hypnopompic \hip-nuh-POM-pik\ , adjective:
Of or pertaining to the semiconscious state prior to complete wakefulness.

Hypnopompic literally means 'sending away sleep' in Greek. It was coined in English in the early 1900s from the roots hypno- meaning 'sleep' and pomp meaning 'sending away.'


By Bengieske

© 2017 Bengieske (All rights reserved)


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