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Who’s Identity Is It?
Dear Mirror,

Observer of falsehood
Instigator to delusion
Infinitive dimensional depth into truth
Fabricator, and disqualifi-er regarding youth.

Who’s side are you on anyway, right, or wrong?
You contain inner most secret’s ..
With no one to tell them to, non-interactive, gratitude!
Only you have the beauty to change us
Though we surpass, see right through.

If only we could see ourselves through your eyes
The reflection you endure wearing our disguise
Cordial deceptive to be excepted mannerisms
That society expects in our behavior!

You may not know about first hand ..
But you sure damn well know about second nature!

We, slithering illusionists, evolutionary creatures
On our phony rides through society says so,
Darwin, he never saw us coming down the road
Second nature, maybe he forgot those falsifying features?
Theory of future evolution, prematurely, even permanently
Bottoming out ..
Leaving our soul’s at the mirror, I don’t know,
There may come the day when we dare to look twice
Passed the depths of Darwin, into the depths of the mirror
No longer irrational, and recognize what's beautiful!?

By Myth

© 2017 Myth (All rights reserved)


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