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Dance away the hours.
I used to hear your singing
Grace the stillness of the night,
When the morning was unspoken
And the grass was diamond bright,
While the purple pen of evening
Wrote a message in the sky,
That a memory can dwindle
But a love can never die.

I used to see you dancing
In the wispy sunset air,
Shining carousels of color
In your softly swirling hair,
As you celebrated Summer
In your sweet and special way,
In the twilight's I remember
At the ending of each day.

I used to sense you smiling
As I came home down our lane,
And my heart would do a flip-flop
In a way I canít explain,
In the doorway of our cottage
Waiting in the evening hush,
Like a portrait painted for me
By an artistís loving brush.

I used to feel your breathing
In the stillness of our room,
Like an angel in the darkness
Or a lantern in the gloom,
And on your soft white pillow
Still the imprint where you lay,
While you dance away the hours
In the brightness of the dayÖ


© 2017 WHITBYPOET1 (All rights reserved)


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