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My Darling Escapade
Desert nights continued calling to the stars
Rain, still sensuous and warm,
Shared love would always be ourís
An everlasting calming the hours.

Wild horses still ran to long distant sunsets
Somehow they knew about us,
And the fallen twinkling that finally fell, no regrets -
In cooling desert sands, and lasting laments.

Those horses, those wild horses, still run in the sun
Sparkling deep, in the spirit of one another,
Somehow, they knew, we never fell out of love
As we irreversibly, outgrew each other.

After gently patching up pain
With the delicate memories of the love we made,
Came down the twinkling, within new rain
Still sensuous and warm, my darling escapade.

Always My Love

By Myth

© 2017 Myth (All rights reserved)


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