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At The Border Of No Return
While boarding my train of thoughts
Looking out the window of my life ..
Out in the middle of nowhere
There is nothing now ..
Nothing but you,
Standing at the border of no return
With a hint of darkness, in the light I burn.

No whistle blow,
Only the wind chimes of old times,
And I was looking at the landscape, thinking
Knowing, in the middle of nowhere
In a hint of darkness ..
Is the love I gave to you,
And the love you gave to me.

The train is slowing ..
The grand conductor has given me a moment of truth
Candidly ironic, that I will always love you.

Oh how I have wished us well
Funny sad, what a heart will tell,
Full steam ahead, grand conductor knows best
God bless those like us, all the rest.

So out the window of my life, I toss ..
Every last' kiss you never received,
Yes, there was the one before goodbye
And I won’t lie ..
Cold does love a warm and tender cheek.

My last whisper in your ear
Right above an oncoming tear,
Kisses in the wind ~~~
I hope you find them in our loss.
The love I gave to you
The love you gave to me,
May our love never forget where it had been
As the wind chimes also, set you free.

Train 85-’99'

Always My Love *'

By Myth

© 2017 Myth (All rights reserved)


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